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Innovative monitoiring security systems in St. Cloud, MN

If you're in need of a security system at your business or home, rely on the professionals at Central Security, Inc. For years, our team has installed security systems that provide monitoring and alerts. You can count on our professionals to work with you one-on-one to provide you with a system that works to meet your specific needs and desires.

Central Security offers innovative solutions for:

•Security systems
•Alarm systems
•Card access systems

We work with many different manufacturers who create a variety of different types of security systems.

For alarm monitoring systems, we install units from AES Corporation, a top security product manufacturer. These alarm systems use mesh radio technology - which works hard to provide a fault tolerant way to get critical security information from your building's alarm panel to a central station through a network. Through a private radio network signal, your alarm will be transmitted efficiently across the network ensuring it reaches the receiving center.

These intricate alarm systems are perfect for businesses.

Don't go another day without an efficient security system. Learn about all of our different monitoring and intrusion security systems we have available by contacting Central Security Inc. today.